Huron College at Dusk from the Western University flickr stream.

Huron University College

The Ask & Imagine program is offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Theology at Huron University College.

Located in London, Ontario, Huron’s Faculty of Theology is an Anglican seminary with a long tradition of openness to a wide variety of spiritual and religious practices. With approximately 1,300 students in both Theology and the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Huron is a small but vibrant university.

Students enjoy a welcoming campus community with an intimate and interactive learning environment and unparalleled opportunities to get involved in research. Huron students also enjoy the wide variety of resources and facilities available at Western University, with which Huron is affiliated.

The Ask & Imagine program is closely connected with the undergraduate Theology program (B.Th.) at Huron, sharing some of the same faculty members. The B.Th. is an interdisciplinary and academic degree that provides students with critical knowledge and skills for understanding the way religious and theological issues evolve historically and continue to influence contemporary life and culture.

The B.Th. provides the opportunity to study comparative religion, philosophy, theology, ethics, history, and Biblical studies in a university context that encourages discussion, reflection and research.

Graduates of the Ask & Imagine program considering post-secondary education are encouraged to contact Huron for further information on programs offered in Theology or Arts and Social Science.