Leadership Team

Judy Steers – Director

judy smilingJudy has been the director of Ask & Imagine since it began in 1999. She has diverse experience in youth ministries, experiential education, consulting, and leadership formation. She also works part-time as the Coordinator for Youth Initiatives for the Anglican Church of Canada, and has taught Christian Education and Faith Formation in the Faculty of Theology at Huron University College and the Renison Institute of Ministry at Renison College.

In 2010 she was the producer of the theatre collective “Roots Among the Rocks”, and led the planning teams for the national youth ministry forums Generation 2008 and Common Ground 2011.

Much of Judy’s spiritual and community formation came from the many years that she spent as a member of L’Arche – an intentional community of people with developmental disabilities and people who live and work with them. She has a BA in psychology/theology and completed the graduate diploma in education, pastoral care and social justice at the Centre for Christian Studies and Toronto School of Theology. She has been active as a consultant across Canada in youth leadership, youth formation and effective ways of engaging children with the sacred. She is a member of the College of Trainers with Godly Play Canada.

Judy’s previous work experiences in the field of engineering and science have nourished a passion for engaging the dialogue between science and theology, so much so that she just started an MA to dive more deeply into that intersection.

Judy is known for her eclectic pedagogies, and teaches with everything from rocks to aprons to drums to rubber chickens.


Jenny Salisbury – Assistant Director for the May 2016 program



Jenny attended the first Ask & Imagine Pilgrimage program in May 2005, and has stayed ever since. She became a mentor for the Youth Scholars Program in 2006, was a guest speaker in 2007, and assistant director in 2008. During that time she completed an Honours B.A in theatre from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, and then a M.A. in theatre from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and the University of London, England. She is now pursuing a PhD at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Toronto.

In 2010, Jenny led the Roots Among the Rocks Collective creation piece. She continues to work in theatre as a director and playwright. A fierce board game enabler and proud nerd, she lives in Toronto. She has worked as a youth ministry consultant and congregational leader in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, particularly with the Youth Ministry team. She continues to study and write about the intersection of faith and performance – looking closely at ritual, storytelling, and community.