The Adventure of a Lifetime

Leadership, adventure and life’s big questions. A summer experience for youth 16-20

This is your chance to go to university on full scholarship for two weeks in the summer. Ask & Imagine Youth Scholars become part of a small and exclusive group of up to 20 others selected from across Canada.

You will:

  • Challenge heart and body on a three-day multi-activity adventure training expedition: deep in the water, up in the sky and connected with the earth
  • Build skills for leadership, teaching others, communicating what is important through public media or performance
  • Put together academics and big ideas with hands-on action in ways that (could) change the world
  • Experience studying at a university
  • Participate in spiritual practices to feed your soul and connect with the world around you and the divine within you.

You’ll be accompanied by a team of carefully selected mentors, taught by university professors and live on the beautiful campus of Huron University College, part of Western University.

Who Goes?

Ask & Imagine started in 1999. There are over 400 Ask & Imagine alumni across Canada involved in health care, business, music and arts, advanced education, community service, church leadership, working with youth and children and living a deep and integrated faith.

Based in an Anglican theological seminary, Ask & Imagine is for youth from any background. Perhaps you want to explore big questions with wise teachers and mentors? Perhaps you are tired of fluffy unsatisfying answers and want to explore how (if?) God and theological questions are relevant for our lives. Maybe you want to know how we live faith in a meaningful way in a pluralistic society. Wherever you are coming from, Ask & Imagine is a diverse community of learners, seekers and adventurers.

When Is It?

The Ask & Imagine Youth Program takes place August 10-24, 2013.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply before May 31, 2013 by clicking right here.